To have something that never belong to us,
is to have something impossible in your life.

If you still hoping on that dream,
it is just a dream that never happen without any effort.

To be with someone that never tell the truth,
is to be with the hurt.

Put a full stop mark in hoping.
That is the best way to do.

Don’t hope for something impossible for you to have it.
Cause you are going to ruin up your own heart.

Not only for one time.
But for each time when you keep thinking about the impossible things.

Don’t dream it. Don’t hope it. Don’t and don’t.

Bring your foots forward.
Take steps. Move on.
Life isn’t about dream.
Life is about reality.

If you can’t have that one dream to be reality,
Create another dream. Put an effort on it.
Try to make it reality.

Life is about creating the future.
If you keep thinking and standing at the same point,
without doing anything at it.
It’s a waste.

Move. Move on,
That’s only the way you have.

Don’t torture your heart.
Stop torturing you heart.
Its hurt. Its hurt for your side.

Only you can feel it.
Not them.

Stop dreaming.
Start new journey.
Start new dream with put an effort to it.
Make your new dream become reality.

You can do it.
Believe in yourselves.

Kadang-kadang aku rasa macam kau terlalu ambil berat.
Kadang-kadang aku rasa kau macam langsung tak peduli pasal aku.
Kadang-kadang aku rasa macam kau serious.
Kadang-kadang aku rasa macam kau main-main ja.

Macam mana eh kita sebenarnya.

Kalau nak katakan nak.
Kalau tidak katakan tidak.

Penjelasan tersangat diperlukan pada ketika ini.

And then she told herself, “Stop being so weak. Grow up and get over it.” and then she never felt anything again.


Maafkan aku untuk rindu yang wujud untuk dia.

Aku hanya manusia biasa yang Engkau cipta dengan rasa.

Semoga hati ini tidak lemah dan terlalai dengan rindu dalam jiwa.

soffahulasfiya, terima kasih untuk ayat ini. Sangat menginspirasi saya :))

Friend in need is a Friend indeed

berkawan. bukan mempergunakan mereka. tetapi menyenangkan mereka. buatlah something yang buat mereka rasa senang dengan kita dan akan terus setia menjadi sahabat or kawan kita. forever. seandainya kawan kita rasa tidak senang dengan kita, itu tandanya kita ada buat something yang tidak kena pada mata mereka bahkan juga pada hati mereka.

ingat kawan yang baik itu sentiasa ada masa kita senang atau kita susah. one thing to remember is.. jangan memijak kepala kawan anda yang anda fikir dia seorang yang lurus. ikut saja apa kata anda. walaupun dia seorang yang lurus, dia juga punya perasaan. kerana dia juga makhluk ciptaan seperti anda. makhluk yang diciptakan bersamanya perasaan. sedih, kecewa, marah, suka, sayang dan lain-lain lagi.

so, my point here. don’t underestimate rakan or sahabat or kawan anda yang terlalu baik dengan anda. kerana dia tahu, sama ada diri dia sedang diperlukan atau sedang dipergunakan. kerana, jiwa yang anda permainkan itu adalah jiwanya. bukan jiwa anda.

received a tons of assignments in this one week. feel like the sky is going to fall. how to write an assignment, I don’t have any idea bout it. it is because, we have never been train how to write it. all they know, they asked us to buy a book that consist in it the proper way to write an assignment. just asked us and after that, let us read by our own without any guide and practical to write it.

so now, I think I’ve been stuck. because I don’t know how to write it.

before that, it doesn’t mean we never did any assignment. no, we have it. but in groups, not individually. hurm. a lil bit upset.


bila terlalu mengenal kemudian kita menjadi terlalu asing.


bila terlalu mengenal kemudian kita menjadi terlalu asing.

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"When you want to defend your religion, don’t at the same tarnish the beauty of Islam." [Ustaz Zahid Zin]


"When you want to defend your religion, don’t at the same tarnish the beauty of Islam." [Ustaz Zahid Zin]

why are u so cuteeeee!!

why are u so cuteeeee!!

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I still can’t find my best partner in crime (best friend). for all this while, it is hard to realize he/she existence. yep. someone who willing to do stupid things with me, crying hard beside me, laughing like no others around us with me, lend me their ears just to hear my problems and etc.

sometimes, when I aim someone can be my partner in crime.. it is always get wrong. I mean, never had a chance to met my best friend. is it that hard to find them?


 ♡ we-love-rain ☂☁

 ♡ we-love-rain ☂☁
really love rain!